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Brain Surgery Care

Brain Surgery Care

A guide on what to expect before, during, and after a craniotomy/craniectomy procedure

Reason for website

On December 22, 2020, my family received difficult news: my mother had multiple meningiomas. One of these tumors was located in a challenging spot and very large, resulting in the need for surgery to remove it. In order to prepare both my mom and my family for the upcoming craniotomy procedure, I researched what do before, during, and after the surgery. Unfortunately, I was unable to find many resources during my search, and had to rely on whatever preparations we were given by the hospital. While there were some helpful tips, there were several things we learned along the way that would have been useful to know prior to surgery. 

My mother then developed an infection after the initial surgery, and required a craniectomy procedure. While we had experience one surgery at that point, we were still not fully prepared for how to care for someone after a craniectomy and there were once again limited resources. By the time she had the cranioplasty, to place a prosthetic, we were well prepared and her recovery went much smoother. Due to our experiences, I have decided to create this website to help those who are going through craniotomy and/or craniectomy procedures, along with their caregivers. It is my hope that the tips that I share here helps improve others recovery and allow them to feel more prepared when undergoing these procedures.


Craniotomy and Craniectomy

A craniotomy is a procedure that removes part of the skull to expose the brain underneath. This procedure has many uses including, tumor removal, aneurysm clipping, and biopsy. A craniectomy procedure is very similar, but involves the permanent or temporary removal of the skull.